The Turtles swam their way to success with our Swimming Carnival Victory! The competitiveness of the students showed the other Houses who the real competition is within our new House system. We had Oliver Cowling and Emma Coetser in Year 7 swim their hearts out in four races on the big day. Our newest recruit Amelie Wall was a swimming superstar in Year 8. Followed by the humblest Turtle team member Brodie Paul who showed all the boys how effective our House value of grit can really be. It was an incredible effort by our students to take home the first ever Carnival win – well done! I think we can all agree it became an even sweeter victory to trump the Penguins at the finish line and show everyone that the Turtle really does always win the race. 

Following the Swimming Carnival, South Coast’s superior House is feeling the heat. It seems like some of our students became too complacent due to our elite athleticism in the first Carnival and have taken their foot off the pedal. Despite coming 3rd in Cross-Country, we still had impressive results across the 7-12-year groups. Our stand-out leaders in Year 12, Kyle and Dwayne Coetzer showed the younger years how it is done coming in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. A sibling power-duo has emerged within our ranks with Hanna and Tobias Marchelwicz storming the course and both placing top three in their age groups. Calum Brown of Year 8 was pipped at the post by a Dolphin racer bringing him into 2nd place. Not only did we have students racing, but we also had two teachers; Mr Leo and Mrs Byrne show the students just how highly we rate participation and grit in the Turtle House. Overall, a huge effort from our House runners. House Games saw us compete in two very close Grand-Finals. According to Mr Watts, we were robbed on the Touch field – do not argue with him otherwise. 

There are so many more Carnival and House related events coming up. Students, parents, and staff, I am calling on you. Dig into our House value of grit and show the whole College the green mean machine that we can be! 

Sinead Terpsis