SCBC has been recognised as a MAWA Silver Maths Active School for 2021/2022!

Maths Active Schools are schools with the highest drive to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for students, teachers and the community

At SCBC, we aim to support all students to reach their full potential in mathematics by way of targeted programs within streamed classes and through the provision of additional mathematics extension electives. In Year 12, we also run condensed ATAR revision seminars outside of normal class time. We aim to support all students to appreciate both the relevance and wonder of this fascinating subject through various initiatives both on and off campus.

We recognise the importance of recruiting specialist staff with a passion for teaching mathematics and we support our staff to engage in mathematics professional development each year. We proudly offer students the full range of all senior mathematics courses inclusive of Foundations Mathematics which supports students to meet OLNA requirements for graduation as well as ATAR Specialist Mathematics for students pursuing advanced university courses.

Congratulations to our Secondary Mathematics Department for this recognition of their excellent work.