Our Vacation Care program was an exciting and enriching experience for both students and educators. During the Easter holidays we were able to talk about Jesus and his sacrifice for our lives, with stories and activities about Easter and what it means to us. We enjoyed a mix of stimulating physical activities and excursions such as our visit to Inflatable World and the Ranger Red Zoo. 

Our Vacation Care program encourages children to become active learners through thinking, investigating, exploring and problem-solving. Our programs are built on positive interactions, enriching experiences, and provide a safe, happy, and empowering environment.  

Miss Cull, our Room Coordinator, has been growing her hair for the last four years so she can donate to children who need wigs. This was a request made by Roman, a student in Minasan who, at the age of 3, was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma and was told he is “Cancer Free.” They went to a local hair salon, and Roman cut off Miss Cull’s hair; this was an incredibly special moment for the two of them.  

We are pleased to share that we have raised over “$1,400” for Variety to give to children in need. There is still time to donate via Variety

We received another letter from our sponsor child Juliet living with her family in Uganda. She recently turned 6, and we were able to send her $30.00 AUS for a birthday present, and she chose to spend it on a mattress for her family to sleep on at night. 

Miss Cull – OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)  

Room Curriculum Leader