As part of our continuing investigation and enjoyment in construction, we have created a Tinker Shop. Bunnings Warehouse were able to provide us with vests, measuring tapes, aprons, toolboxes, wood off cuts and a spirit level.

We intend to explore and use these items in various ways. The Tinker shop is available during our inside free play sessions. Children have already begun using the nuts and bolts or nails to join wood together. Using the files and hammers children have experimented on the wood cut offs.

The idea of using real and authentic materials encourages the children to explore the world around them in ‘real time’. Learning to be safe, respectful and build real skills. Using authentic materials assists children in their knowledge building and abilities to fulfill ideas of their own.

In the K-2 curriculum at SCBC we believe that every child has ideas, they come with prior knowledge and the ability to express these ideas. Part of our job as Teacher and Educators is to support students to build on their knowledge and grow in the understanding. Not every child using pen and paper, some are hands on visual learners and the creative nature of the Reggio Emelia approach allows us to use all concepts for children to demonstrate their learning.