Dear Families, 

On behalf of all staff, our sincere thanks for another great Term at SCBC. We’ve loved seeing our students enjoy their campus experiences. To the Class of 2022, we will miss you! Please pray for them as some prepare for final exams, and others complete end-of-year tasks. More will be shared next Term. 

Thank you Pastor Steve Galambosi, previous Chairperson of South Coast Baptist College

If you’ve been to one of our Wednesday morning coffees, you’re likely to have been served by Steve. Amongst his many gifts and talents, Pastor Galambosi was Chair of the SCBC Board for over 10 years. Up until this week, he was also leading Rockingham Baptist Church as their Senior Pastor. His honouring farewell service was at Rockingham Baptist Church (RBC) on Sunday. I heard many of Steve’s friends and members of the Church congregation express their heartfelt appreciation for his care of others, and his conviction to share the Bible’s good news about Jesus, especially about the importance of grace.  

In my 10 year ministry relationship with Steve, I’ve experienced his kindness, goodness, faithfulness, wisdom, strength and gentleness. I’ve observed Steve to be both a man of grace and a man of strong courage. Being the Chairman of a not-for-profit organisation with an annual involvement of over $20M dollars is not for the faint-hearted. He has served the Rockingham community with an uncommon faithfulness, humility, and perseverance, helping the College provide a deeply rewarding, purposeful education. Steve lives and encourages authentic faith. He cares about those in his community, and not surprisingly, he is loved close and far by many.      

The Golden Rule; thinking about our neighbours

The ‘Golden Rule’ is one of the most familiar verses in the Bible. 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a biblical concept spoken by Jesus in Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12.

John Wesley, a well-known Methodist preacher in the 17th Century said (with some paraphrasing): ‘You are to love your neighbour as yourself. Love isn’t content with simply not harming or upsetting  your neighbour. It continually encourages us to do good: as we have time, and opportunity, to do good in every possible kind, and in every possible degree to all men.’

Over time, it’s likely Wesley’s encouragement became increasingly known as below.   

‘Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.’

When in Law school studying Torts (e.g. Duty of Care), I remember the question arising: “Who is my Neighbour? Said differently: “Who do we need to give care and consideration towards, when going about our ordinary lives?”. The easiest answer is those in our community. For SCBC, this literally includes our goodwilled neighbours. They see children coming and going from school every day. With approximately 1,300 young people, there is plenty of movement around the campus, especially in carparking areas. 

We are working hard to further increase the amount of available parking for the peak-periods of time. Every day, parents (and students who drive), as well as local community families are moving in and around our campus. The courtesy and consideration given every day is a wonderful reflection of our commitment to keep our children safe, and honour each other with thoughtfulness and patience. Thank you. The care you show is a wonderful reflection of our College culture. 

Consideration for our Neighbours

From time to time, our neighbours contact us to share any emerging concerns. In good faith, we like to respond supportively in a timely way. In the spirit of the Golden Rule, please refrain from parking on our neighbours property (e.g. driveway and verge) when dropping off or picking up your children. For those of us who have replaced our own lawn sprinklers, it can become very frustrating if they are regularly broken. In exercising increased awareness, your thoughtfulness helps our neighbours enjoy the uninterrupted amenity of their home, and the continued care of our college community.

We are looking forward to another great Term ahead.