On Sunday, 19th June 2022, 60 of our College gymnasts battled it out in the Gym to determine who would take the first ever title for our SCBC Gymnastics House Cup.

Parents and friends gathered at Kings Gymnastics in Carlisle to witness the inaugural event. Gymnasts had the opportunity to compete for their house, an individual placing on each apparatus and the top all-around champion.  

It was a nail-biting battle, putting our guest judges to the test, and it defiantly came down to the wire.

House Results


Congratulations to our All Around Champions :

  • Level 2 Jnr- 1st Lottie Ingate 2nd Ella Humzy 3rd Ava James
  • Level 2 Snr- 1st Emily Taylor 2nd Ellanor Rankin 3rd Isabella Hayes
  • Level 3 Jnr- 1st Mya Tamatoa 2nd Elisabeth Steenhof 3rd Anaya Moir
  • Level 3 Snr- 1st Sarah Moir Amelia Wilkes 3rd Jessica Currie
  • Level 4 Primary- 1st Aubrey Lindley 2nd Imani Mbedzi 3rd Zoe Holdsworth
  • Level 4 Secondary- 1st Amaldi Boshoff 2nd Lianie Coetzee 3rd Bailey Johnstone
  • Level 5 Primary- Lucy Ellis
  • Level 5 Secondary- 1st Grace Dignam 2nd Sierra Beard 3rd Mikayla Lambert
  • Level 6 Primary- Abygail Clarke
  • Level 6 Secondary- Mollie Skuse

We asked our competition staff to look for an athlete that demonstrated our College Values throughout the day. This person was seen and heard encouraging their teammates, had shown respect to staff and others around them, and competed with grace and a joyful spirit.

Congratulations to:

Session One Ambassador Award– Luca Wilson

Session Two Ambassador Award– Mollie Skuse