On Wednesday, 29th June, 10.1 Science visited Murdoch University for a Seek Out Science Event, whereby they explored workshops involving water bubbles, nursing techniques and constructing chemical rockets.

The water bubbles were a messy but successful workshop allowing the students to create edible bubbles with a jelly-like structure challenging them to create larger bubbles each time without breaking them and allowing them to eat them in the food lab. They discovered an insight into the nursing world by learning how to prioritise patients, read x-rays, calculate medication dosages and read ECGs. Each task resulted in a clue to unlocking a box in a race against the time to win. The final workshop of the day allowed them to create chemical rockets with an acid and base reaction, where they had to discover the correct ratios to launch the rocket at the greatest height. Brooke Burdett, Kaysia Stalenhoef, Jasmine Salmon and Tahlia Dunn launched the tallest rocket from the group.

The day promoted the study of Science subjects into senior school and beyond. Students connected with inspiring University experiences through presentations and hands-on workshops.