Kodomo children are growing up and have blossomed into capable, skillful, and curious people in this past Semester.

We celebrated Children’s Week with a child led dramatic play project – building an ice cream shop. The children used cups and foam balls to construct ice-cream cones, used recycled cake trays for cone holders, and painted a shop sign. They helped to paint the ice cream van with Miss Rachel and set up the shop outside with a cash register, order dockets and play money – they were all set to do business. There was much discussion and debate about the best flavours and it was lovely to see the Kodomo children include their Koorlongka friends in the play.

Real homemade ice cream was the next challenge and Tuesday’s Kodomo group made a wonderful 15 kilos of Vanilla ice cream using our Chef, Cherrie’s special secret recipe from the Philippines. After mixing and stirring and freezing the children (and educators) enjoyed ice cream cones and sprinkles to celebrate being children (and children at heart).

During Healthy Eating Week the Kodomo children learned about the importance of eating colourful vegetables for healthy bodies and minds. Each day we explored some common and more unusual vegetables of different colours, tried new recipes such as Eggplant bread, Tomato salsa, hommus dip and sweet potato chips. The children enjoyed a corn cob eating race and made creative green vegetable faces in the style of the Italian artist Arcimboldo.

Our Kodomo vegetable patch enjoyed a spring makeover after some rather large two-legged rabbits came and dug up all our carrots in the holidays. We planted out sunflower seeds and corn seed and within a week the seeds had sprouted! The miracle of life, growth, provision, and multiplication continues to amaze our young children and the spring creation is evidence of the glory and goodness of our loving Father God.

The creativity and curiosity of a young three-year-old’s mind is breathtaking, and the children have produced some wonderful inventions using construction kits, found objects and recycled materials.

Kodomo children have also been learning fun sports and games such as bocce, cricket and baseball which means lots of learning about teamwork, taking turns, sharing, and following the rules of the game.

Mrs Hurley
Kodomo Pre-Kindy Teacher