Our children loved making special Father’s Day gifts, they made cards and were filling out the ‘about my dad sheet’. We created our handprints in salt dough to gift our dads; we had so much fun in the process.

We have welcomed new friends from Pikanini 1 into our room. Our new friends had a chance to explore the yard in the sun; we played with all sorts of different balls with Miss Holly and enjoyed our outdoor equipment. We learned about all the amazing ways to say hello around the world with our special song.

As part of our sustainability education, we took small groups of children to the wild space area to plant our seeds. We planted strawberries, snow peas, sunflowers, coriander, and other herbs. Sustainability enables educators and children to promote a sense of responsibility, show respect for the natural environment, be active participants and bring about enquiry and social change.

For Nutrition Week, our children loved learning about healthy foods and learned the importance of having at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. We even prepared a chart for each child to choose a picture of food and then tell us if they thought the foods were healthy or unhealthy. They demonstrated curiosity, sensory exploration, hand & eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive, verbal/non-verbal skills during their different experiences.

Children had the opportunity to make their own afternoon tea. We made pancakes where we carefully followed all the instructions, had different toppings such as fruit, yoghurt, and different jams, mixing and stirring, and we got to observe the pancakes frying in the pan. We had so much fun doing this activity with you all. The pancakes tasted awesome.

Extending on our recent learnings about bees and pollination, the children decided they wanted to construct a Pikanini tree for their room. The children were involved in making the tree using natural resources from our environment. Nixon, Christopher, Anderson, Kesh, and Christopher were all incredibly involved in the process of completing this ongoing project. Thank you to Miss Kenny for helping us.

We are all looking forward to the upcoming Christmas season; we are preparing to create a red post-box so we can send our postcards with encouraging words about each other to Santa.

Mrs Codeniera
Room Curriculum Leader