On Friday, 4th November, Primary students participated in Outdoor Classroom Day. Outdoor Classroom Day encourages the children take their learning and play outdoors. Spending time outdoors helps build happier and healthier children, through positively impacting their health, wellbeing and development.

During Outdoor Classroom Day 1A, 1B and 1C combined on the front lawn for a range of playful learning activities. A favourite was creating origami paper planes and measuring their flight path. The students also enjoyed creating bubbles wands using sticks they collected from Nature Play and mixing potions in the water tray. Our budding artists enjoyed shadow tracing, painting in the sunshine and using playdough and fresh flowers to build imaginative creations.

The Pre-Primary students spent the whole day outside enjoying activities such as beading, painting and making volcanos in the sandpit and watching them explode. The highlight of the day was our fire safety lesson followed by roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

The kindergarten students enjoyed multiple engaging activities throughout the course of the day. They built cubby houses, drew portraits of flowers and waterplay. A favourite amongst the students were exploring with lemon slices, rose petals and herbs from our garden, role playing making soups and teas.

Year 2 spent time during the day creating mazes with logs in Nature Play. We practiced guiding our friends through the mazes using directional language.