For literacy we have been learning about syllables and breaking up words into beats. We have encouraged children to tap out the syllables on their bodies.

Measuring Project

Children have been exploring measurement by using different measuring tools. They had access to un numbered measuring tools like different sized blocks, repeated picture ribbon and their hands and feet. They also had access to numbered measuring tools like measuring tapes, rulers and a height chart. This introduced children to measuring terms like taller, shorter, longer etc. And introduced number concepts which we are further developing now.

Emergency Services

The children in Koorlongka have shown great interest and asking lots of questions about our emergency services. At the moment we have made a fire station dramatic play area and learnt about fire safety. We are hoping to have a visit from the Fire Fighters at Rockingham Volunteer Fire Station and then from Saint John Ambulance and from the Police. We will adjust our dramatic play areas according to the visitors we will have next week we will make it into a hospital.

Harmony Week

For this week we asked parents to let us know their cultural background and we investigated as well. For the highest six countries we made a day out of it and watched some folk dancing and cooked something from that country. On Friday 17 March we looked at England and played hop scotch and made trifle, Monday we looked at Mexico and made tacos and looked at Mexican dancing, Tuesday we looked at New Zealand and danced with poi pois and made goody goody gumdrop ice-cream, Wednesday we looked at Ireland and made Irish stew and learnt an Irish jig, Thursday we looked at south Africa and made some Heterzoggies and finally on Friday we looked at Germany and made some pretzels and did some German folk dancing.

Mrs Ralph
Koorlongka Kindy Teacher