In Pikanini 2, we celebrated Australia Day. The children made fairy bread for their afternoon tea. Each child had a turn at buttering the bread and then placing some sprinkles on top. They enjoyed the experience very much. We drew the shape of a boomerang made of recycled cardboard. The children used the cotton bud to create dots on the boomerang shape.  We had Australian wattle-made playdough. The children were so engaged; they loved rolling, squeezing, cutting the playdough into pieces, making small ball pieces, and then sticking them on the tree drawn on paper.                       

Children choose what song they want to sing every morning during the forum session. We sing a devotional song, and the children love to sing along with the educators. We demonstrate how to do the activities and give simple instructions for children to follow. They have shown patience, and the children sit well, waiting for their turns. It is also lovely to see that children encourage one another.

As part of our Harmony day, we made some macaroons. The children had an opportunity to help make the macaroons. The Educator discussed the ingredients needed and demonstrated how to prepare them by mixing all the required, pre-measured ingredients. All our Pikanini 2 children had the chance to mix the ingredients using the spatula. They also helped place each cup onto the tray. The children also created a very colourful ‘We All Belong’ handprint display for the entry to Pikanini 2 room. At forum time, we are all learning different ways to say Hi from different countries around the world. They are learning to say Bonjour, Ni had, Hola, Konichiwa, and many more. They loved this song- ‘Saying hello in different languages ‘.

Mrs Codeniera
Curriculum Room Leader