It has been an exciting start for our Year 8 students with our big social event of the year, the action-packed Beach Carnival! Our students had a blast participating in team building activities, creative problem-solving challenges, and soaking up the sun with friends. Not only was it a fun day out, but it was also an excellent opportunity for students to bond with their form and build strong relationships. 

Speaking of team building, our Year 8 students further impressed with their participation in the recent swimming carnival. We saw incredible sportsmanship, and it was clear that they all had been working hard to improve their skills in the pool. Congratulations to all the students who competed and represented their house with pride. 

It has also been wonderful to see student engagement in the year-based games that have been happening during assembly. Form groups have come together to work on different challenges, building on their strengths, and winning prizes for all of the form group to enjoy together. Each and every student brings something unique to the table, and we encourage students to celebrate each other’s differences. 

We know that building character is an important part of education, and we have been proud to see students taking this seriously. The resilience project’s “GEM” curriculum is designed to help our students develop their emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and gratitude. Feedback has been that students are finding these lessons valuable and beginning to use the strategies they are learning to help them navigate challenging situations. 

Lastly, we have been focusing on the importance of strengthening relationships, not just with classmates, but also with teachers and other staff members. We believe that a strong sense of community is crucial for wellbeing and success, and we encourage our Year 8 Students to take advantage of opportunities to connect with others in and out of the classroom. 

As students move forward in their education this year, we hope they continue to participate in school events, take advantage of learning opportunities, and build strong relationships.  

We are looking forward to seeing all the great things our students will achieve in Term two.