We are delighted to share with you the exciting events and learning experiences that took place in the Bambini room during Term 2. It has been a joy to welcome new children into our room and watch as they build new relationships and engage in various activities.

Our babies had a wonderful time decorating paper basket templates with vibrant colours to celebrate Easter. They also participated in an exciting Easter Egg Hunt, where they explored sensory play by touching and feeling plastic eggs. The joy on their faces was priceless!

One memorable activity was when our little ones helped make cookies. They learned important skills such as observing, listening, and participating while using the right ingredients in the correct measurements. They even had fun moulding and kneading the dough to create their favourite cookie shapes.

On Anzac Day, we honoured the occasion by creating beautiful poppy flowers using native plants, sponges, cotton balls, and recycled paper plates. The babies enjoyed the process of creating red and black poppy flowers with different textures and colours, fostering their creativity.

We prepared pot plants and cards for Mothers’ Day, allowing our babies to express their love and imagination. Seeing them engage in activities that conveyed their affection and appreciation for their mothers was heart-warming.

We also took time to acknowledge and remember National Sorry Day. The children participated in a beautiful art painting activity using native plants, leaves, and twigs. They learned valuable lessons about working together and taking turns through messy play and collaboration with their friends.

World Ocean Day was another highlight, where everyone dressed in blue clothing and explored different sea animals. Our little explorers had a chance to interact with sea creatures in the touch pool, developing their fine motor and social-emotional skills. They even enjoyed singing songs and playing with cupcake liners, pretending they were jellyfish.

Sensory play remained a focus throughout the term, with the babies experimenting with water paints on love-shaped templates. They marvelled at how the colours blended together to create fascinating artwork. Additionally, our budding artists learned new techniques by mixing and rolling pots with various colours in recycled boxes to create unique pot flowers for Mothers’ Day. We also invited all mothers to join us for beautiful photos to capture these precious memories.

Our children have developed a keen interest in animals, investigating different species and their habitats. Together, they created a Safari World by painting a tree canopy on the window with the help of Mrs Jamie-Lee. We even had a talented student who created hand-animal puppets for the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” The babies delighted in moving their hands and bodies while mimicking the sounds of different animals.

We are proud of each child’s active engagement and contributions throughout the learning journey this term. The Bambini Room has been filled with laughter, creativity, and growth, and we are excited to continue this journey in Term 3.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Goh Bambini
Room Curriculum Leader