We have some exciting updates from the Pikanini 1 team! Our dedicated educators have been working diligently to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for your children. Here are some highlights of our recent activities and events:

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners: Every day, we teach the children the acknowledgement for the traditional owners. While they may not fully understand the meaning, we have noticed that they are imitating the actions and words. This fosters a sense of respect and cultural awareness among our little ones.

Devotion and Songs: To start each day on a positive note, we have a devotion routine. We ask one of our educators to lead a prayer for all children, their families, and our staff, seeking guidance and protection throughout the day. Additionally, we sing familiar songs such as “Read Your Bible” and “This is the Day.” It warms our hearts to hear that children have been singing these songs and doing the actions at home, as shared by their parents.

Learning Goals and Engagement: We have observed that some children are particularly talkative, especially when it comes to their favourite songs like “Old McDonald.” This demonstrates their growing language skills and enthusiasm for music. Furthermore, our implementation of nursery rhymes and stories like “Dear Zoo” has helped children memorize and identify animals, showcasing their cognitive development.

Dress-up and Dance: Children enjoy dressing up in different costumes and dancing to various music. This activity encourages self-expression, creativity, and physical movement. We have noticed numerous impressive dance moves from our Pikanini children, making it a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

Inclusive Sensory Play: We prioritize inclusive sensory play activities, ensuring that all children can participate and enjoy. On Outdoor Classroom Day, we set up different stations featuring Oobleck, painting, and spaghetti play, which have been a hit among the children. These activities promote teamwork, extended engagement, and provide opportunities for children to explore textures and enhance their motor skills.

Outdoor Exploration: Despite the cold and wet weather, we believe it’s important for children to experience the outdoors. They are given opportunities to go outside, run, feel the cool breeze, walk on wet grass, and explore their environment with curiosity and interest. These experiences promote a connection with nature and physical wellbeing.

Special Event Highlights: We have celebrated various special events recently. On Autism Day, we decorated the room with bright coloured paper and introduced the children to basic sign language, focusing on the signs for “More” and “Finish.” Nature Week allowed the children to engage in art and craft activities using natural materials. For Earth Day, we planted a mango tree in a pot and the children visited our garden to plant seedlings. On ANZAC Day, the children painted poppies, and our staff wore poppies on their uniforms. Furthermore, for Mother’s Day, we had prepared thoughtful gifts for all the wonderful moms. During National Families Week, we requested parents and families to bring in photos, which were displayed on our wall. Additionally, each Friday we dress up in Aboriginal designed shirts, promoting diversity and inclusivity.

We are immensely proud of the children’s progress and engagement in these activities. Their positive interactions and time spent exploring new skills and interests are a testament to their growth and development.

We look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you in the coming weeks.

Mrs Laqere
Pikanini 1 Curriculum Room Leader