We are excited to share some highlights from the past few months at Pikanini 2. It has been a period filled with joy, creativity, and nature exploration for our little ones.

Easter Arts and Crafts: During the Easter season, the children at Pikanini 2 engaged in various arts and crafts activities. They had a wonderful time decorating Easter eggs, using colourful square paper shapes and glue. Each child showcased their creativity and fine motor skills through their beautifully decorated eggs. In addition, the children made their own Easter baskets, which added to the excitement of the Easter egg hunt. This activity fostered the development of fine motor skills, hand coordination, and creativity, while also promoting social skills such as sharing and taking turns.

Easter Egg Hunt: Our Easter egg hunt was a huge success! The children gathered together eagerly, sitting on the ground, ready to embark on their exciting adventure. They had an incredible time searching for hidden Easter egg chocolates throughout our yard. The joy and laughter echoed as they discovered the hidden treasures. This activity brought smiles to everyone’s faces and created lasting memories for our little ones.

Nature Week: We recently dedicated a week to nature exploration, allowing our children to connect with the natural world. One of the highlights was planting beans. The children enthusiastically poured soil into cups and planted bean seeds, experiencing the wonder of watching their plants grow over time. They also had the opportunity to water the plants, learning about nurturing and responsibility.

As part of Nature Week, the children engaged in a delightful activity called “nature soup.” They gathered herbs and lemons, creating their own unique concoctions. Each child added the herbs one by one and stirred the juices they made. They had fun scooping the juice into cups and containers, and even practiced counting as they measured the liquid.

These nature-based activities provided a hands-on learning experience, allowing the children to develop an appreciation for the environment and foster a sense of curiosity about the natural world around them.

We are proud of the children’s accomplishments and the growth we have witnessed during these past few months. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and social skills continue to flourish, creating a positive and nurturing environment at Pikanini 2.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to the upcoming months and the exciting experiences they will bring.Bottom of Form

Mrs Codeniera
Pikanini 2 Room Curriculum Leader