On the 8th of May 2023, the Year 10 Drama class went on an excursion to the State Theatre Centre in Perth to attend workshops designed for us by the Black Swan Theatre Company. 

Our day started quite early, as we met at the train station at 8:00 and were off to Perth. When we arrived, we were escorted through the city station by the security people, and it felt like we were some type of royalty with the number of people helping us to get to our destination. 

We first got a tour of the amazing Theatre Centre, and then throughout the day, we ran through different workshops relating to drama and our “Mmmbeth” play that we have been working on. This included many warm-up games, vocal and body warm-ups, exploring different character archetypes (such as the sovereign and the magician), working with people from Black Swan on different scenes for “Mmmbeth”, and exploring sound, lighting and design for our play in separate workshops. 

My personal highlights of the day definitely include getting to go to James Street to have lunch (I had the most delicious churros and ice cream), going through different character archetypes and seeing how we can incorporate the differences between ourselves and the archetypes into our “Mmmbeth” characters, and finally, just experiencing a lot of fun with my classmates and our teachers.

Ticketing information for “Mmmbeth” can be found on the South Coast Baptist College website, and on the @scbcarts Instagram. Performances will be on the 28th July 2023.

Written by Layla, Year 10