This term our studio has been super busy. We have introduced some loose parts play in the Wild Space, constructing with large boxes, tyres, pipes, and milk crates. The babies have been focussing on drawing, musical instruments, and sensory play. Our Pikanini’s have been making Gruffalo’s using a stencil and paint roller as well as their usual painting experiments with all kinds of recycled materials being used for paint stamping and lots of collage work with natural materials as well as taking photographs with our iPad.

Our Kodomo and Koorlongka rooms have been doing some excellent construction with recycled materials and tape, as well as tracing around each other and using masking tape to create skeletons that we have been roller painting over, removing the tape once the paint is dry. Our Koorlongka children have also been introduced to the software Paint 3D, with which they can create and colour basic 3D models, and they have been making a lot of jetpacks and space helmets for creative/dramatic play in their room as well as drawing with me, using basic shapes to construct drawings from chosen reference images in Google Image search.

Mr Marwick