We are excited to share the latest updates from the BAMBINI room, where every day is a new adventure in learning and discovery for your little ones. As children continue to grow, they face various challenges and triumphs, making strides in their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. They are also sharpening their senses through touch, smell, hearing, and more while embarking on the exciting journey of language development and independent mobility.

World Ocean Day Celebration: Our recent activities have been a splash of fun! On World Ocean Day, our children embarked on a thrilling journey to explore the wonders of the sea. Our dedicated educators transformed a tub of water into a mini ocean, introducing marine life one by one. The children eagerly engaged in water play, using their senses to touch, feel, and imagine the underwater world. To add a cultural touch, we incorporated Aboriginal songs and drumming, fostering a sense of respect for our land and fine-tuning their motor skills. Each child showcased their unique talents, making it a memorable day.

NAIDOC Week and National Pyjama Day: During NAIDOC Week, our children got creative by crafting boomerangs from recycled materials, which they painted under the guidance of our educators. Traditional activities like playdough, rosemary exploration, and lemon experiences were incorporated to engage their senses of touch and smell. We are proud of the meaningful connections made.

Friendship Day: Friendship is a treasure, and during Friendship Day, we celebrated the bonds formed among our little ones. We encouraged them to develop lasting friendships for emotional wellbeing. We applaud each child for their unique qualities and the kindness they show to one another. The moments of sharing, laughter, and playing together warm our hearts. Let’s continue to nurture these precious connections.

Science and Book Week: Science and Book Week were highlights of the term. Our children dressed up as their favourite characters, fostering imagination and creativity. Our educators conducted exciting experiments like float and sink, magical milk, and goop activities. These experiences teach cooperation, patience, and critical thinking. As they engage in experiments and listen to stories, the children expand their vocabulary and develop essential literacy and language skills. We are proud of their growing attention spans and their ability to interact and engage with our educators.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your children’s journey of growth and learning. Thank you for trusting us with their early education and development.