We are thrilled to share the exciting happenings in Kodomo over the past term. It has been a colourful journey filled with creativity, learning, and growth.

Our focus this term revolved around the first letter of each child’s name, name recognition, and exploring the wonderful world of colours. The children eagerly participated in activities like writing and decorating the first letter of their names, enhancing their cognitive skills, and unleashing their creative thinking.

Colour recognition activities sparked curiosity as children returned objects of specific colours, identified the colours of fruits, and even their clothing for handwashing transitions. We have witnessed remarkable growth in their cognitive abilities.

During our morning forums, the orange Christian curriculum program has been engaging and informative. Recent sessions explored “God creating the World,” and the children have been actively involved in these beautiful stories. We also find joy in singing together, “This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

One highlight of the term was “Crazy Hat Day.” The children had a blast designing their colourful hats with Mrs. Rachelle, and proudly showcasing their creations throughout the centre.

Our Wildspace area introduced the concept of “Loose Parts” play. The children experimented with large-scale loose materials like pipes, tubes, boxes, astro turf pieces, and tires. They built obstacle courses, created happy and sad faces, and even used tubes as a means of communication. Excitingly, we introduced string and cup telephones based on Miss Rachel’s introduction of plastic tubing, amplifying the children’s voices, and sparking imaginative communication.

In the studio, we encouraged artistic expression by tracing each other on large paper rolls and crafting basic skeletons with masking tape. The children continued to sing and create their own songs, and we introduced sheet music to inspire their creativity further.

Our commitment to sustainability continued with tape and recycled materials, allowing the children to construct, paint, and experiment with collage elements.

As we prepare for Spring, Miss Amy initiated activities resembling the season, including creating colourful flowers. The remaining term will focus on Spring and Summer themes, as well as ensuring your children are prepared with the self-confidence needed for their transition to Kindy.

Thank you for being a part of the Kodomo family. We look forward to more adventures and growth in the coming term.