The Year 10 drama class recently worked on and showed our ‘Mmmbeth’ play to our year group and to an external audience. 

We decided on both acting and design roles ourselves through a blind ballot, and I personally had the role of Lady Mmmbeth. 

Throughout term 2 and some of term 3, our class worked with each other to put this performance together. Each lesson, we would practice going scene by scene, but also had many designers behind the scenes creating the sound, lighting, set/props and costumes for our performance. None of this could have happened without these amazing design teams.

In week 2 of term 3, we finally showed our production. It was a great night and a great performance from everybody, which could be seen and heard through the many laughs and chuckles from our crowd. At the end of the night, we had a raffle with many prizes for the crowd to win. One of the parents also made this incredible cake for all of us!

Working on this production was so much fun, and I recommend to anybody to consider picking drama regardless of your acting experience. It has built so much collaboration between myself and my peers, my own self confidence, and it was also just a joy to work on.

Written By Layla (Year 10)