The year keeps on rolling on, and your children are now three quarters through their first year in high school, how time moves on.  Year 7 students are having a positive and fun Term Three with a great deal going on to keep them occupied.  They have participated in a variety of activities, including A guest speaker from WA Child Safety Services on protective behaviours taught our Sevens how to stay safe and avoid harm online, House competitions gave them the opportunity to compete and represent their houses in sports and academic challenges, and Science week gave our students an opportunity to make ice cream, meet furry animals and learn more about Science!  

On the topic of sports, a huge congratulations must go to the many Year 7 students who participated in, and won, the Junior Girls Champion School Grand Final.  It’s fantastic to see our Year 7s participating on the big stage and coming through for the win.  Well done to all involved.   

Other areas of focus for this term included A chaplain’s talk on the importance of being positive towards one-another and supporting our friends, a guest speaker from Bully Zero talked to our students about the importance of preventing bullying.  Our GEM program taught our students about goal setting, emotional management, and decision making, and our Interhouse competitions allowed the Year 7s to compete in a variety of events and show their House Spirit.  Well done to the cohort on the spectacular way they went about participating and earning points for their Houses. 

Feedback from the teachers and staff is that they are very proud of the Year 7 students for their hard work and positive attitude.  Students are stepping up to the challenges of High School and are making their mark on their cohort and their classes.  This bodes well for our students moving forward. 

We look forward to Mr Winkler arriving back from his long service leave next term.  His calm and steady outlook with his positive attitude was missed and we look forward to hearing of his trip and how much he missed us all.   We wish Mr Nolan well with his family, our thoughts and prayers are with him.  

Overall, Year 7 students are having a great time in Term 3. They are learning, growing, and making new friends.