As we dive into the final stretch of this year, it’s been an incredible journey in the Kodomo room! This term, our focus has been on igniting curiosity and learning among our pre-kindychildren.

Exploring the World of Shapes and Emotions

The children have been on a thrilling adventure, diving into the realms of 2D shapes, emotions, and textures. From painting and tracing shapes to unravelling the intricacies of different emotions, it’s been a joy watching them explore. Understanding textures, whether something is soft, hard, or squishy, has sparked their creativity and enhanced their critical thinking skills.

Shape-tactic Discoveries

The enthusiasm for 2D shapes has been infectious! Tracing shapes with paints and embarking on shape hunts inside and outside the room has been a favourite. Witnessing the children’s cognitive abilities bloom has been remarkable. Their progress is a testament to their dedication and curiosity.

Remembrance Day Commemoration

Our journey wasn’t just limited to shapes and textures; we also delved into Remembrance Day. The children engaged eagerly, learning the significance behind this day through stories shared by our educators. Crafting poppies stirred their curiosity, igniting discussions about their meaning and purpose.

Outdoor Adventures

With the weather warming up, outdoor play has been a highlight. Water play activities have thrilled our little ones; from washing toy animals and babies to exploring coloured waters, their laughter and joy have been infectious.

Looking Ahead

As we anticipate more adventures ahead, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of the Kodomo family. Your support and involvement are invaluable in creating these enriching experiences for our little learners.

Here’s to more fun, discovery, and growth in the coming days!