In week 5, Kindy had a special visit from Australia Post! We’ve been diving into the world of mail—learning ‘how the mail gets to our homes,’ ‘do we all live in the same street,’ and ‘why does mail have lots of words and names on it?’

To answer some of these questions, Kindy created their very own Christmas cards and decorations! We addressed the envelopes, put our names on the front, and off they went into the Postman’s bag. We even had the chance to ask Postman Sid and Postman Altus, ‘how long will the mail take to get to our homes?’

The exploration continued as Kindy checked out the postal van and the Electric Delivery Vehicle—discovering all the lights and sounds! Postman Altus shared his experiences, mentioning how he can get chased by dogs but uses his horn to stop them. Kindy had a fantastic idea—suggesting he keeps dog treats in his EDV!  Postman Sid entertained us with stories, including the largest item he’s delivered in his van—a tree!  Some of our curious Kindy kids even wondered if he could deliver horses!