This term has been an adventure-filled period packed with creativity, learning, and joy for our little ones. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been happening:

Imagination Cubbies: Our children delved into their creative sides, crafting unique cubbies from recycled boxes with the guiding support of our educators. This activity wasn’t just about building cubbies; it was about nurturing imagination, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Dinosaur Discoveries: The excitement soared as our children explored the world of dinosaurs! Using green paint, they uncovered different dinosaur footprint sizes, fostering curiosity and discovery.

Learning Through Play: We’ve been honing important skills, encouraging sharing, turn-taking, and numerical understanding. Activities like rolling dice and counting glove fingers have been instrumental in teaching counting and number recognition.

Outdoor Adventures: Walking in the wild space wasn’t just a stroll; it was an opportunity to teach our kids about lining up and exploring the beauty of nature.

Nutrition Awareness: During Nutrition Week many discussions were had on healthy foods versus the not-so-healthy ones accompanied our afternoon tea preparations. Making pizzas with favourite toppings became a cherished activity, highlighting the joy of choosing nutritious options.

Celebrating Connections: Children’s Week and Grandparents Day were moments of shared joy. Inviting grandparents to witness their grandkids’ interactions with peers and educators created heartwarming memories.

Fun-Themed Days: Crazy hair days, pyjama days, and messy plays with coloured spaghetti added heaps of fun during Children’s Week. Water play, especially during hot weather, allowed for enjoyable activities involving sea creatures and washing construction toys.

The children dived into artistic ventures, mastering skills in cutting, pasting, and exploring their creativity. These sensory activities are aimed at enhancing fine motor skills, concentration, coordination, and independence.

At Pikanini 2, it’s more than just activities; it’s about nurturing well-rounded, curious, and imaginative individuals. Here’s to more learning adventures as we head into this Christmas season, and we look forward to families joining us for our Christmas party!