We welcomed many new little ones into our nurturing environment with the new year. We’ve been dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging, ensuring each child’s transition into our care is smooth and comforting, tailored to the unique routines of every family.

One of our daily routines is our heartfelt acknowledgment of the country, having an appreciation for the sky above, the land beneath our feet, and the rich heritage of our country. Through this practice, we begin to grasp the beauty and significance of our natural surroundings.

Our days have been filled with rhyme time and action songs, a vibrant symphony that weaves through our activities. Through daily modelling, we’ve entertained and imparted essential language and movement skills, sparking the imaginations of our little ones.

We love storytelling; children love the farm animals and their sounds, and our children have embarked on captivating journeys through the pages, exploring and recognising familiar pictures with delight.

It’s heartening to witness the harmonious interactions as our children settle into each other’s company, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Our adventures have taken us to the realm of music. Through hands-on experiences with various musical instruments, our young maestros have revelled in the beauty of sound. From tapping drums to shaking maracas, they’ve discovered the joy of creating rhythms and melodies, each note igniting their curiosity and creativity.

These musical encounters have served as invaluable opportunities for developing essential skills. Whether refining hand-eye coordination or honing fine motor skills, each beat and movement contributes to their holistic development. And let’s remember the joyous movements accompanying the music, fostering gross motor skills such as balance and coordination through dancing and rhythmic play.

We are grateful for the growth, laughter, and connections we have made. Here’s to the continuation of this enriching adventure as we step into the next chapter together.

Mrs Codeniera

Bambini Curriculum Leader