PIKANINI 2 TERM 1 – 2024

Throughout the months of January, February and in the middle of March, we have been skilling the children in various areas such as keeping their hats on their heads, drinking out of cups during mealtimes, taking off and putting their shoes away, lining up after washing hands and getting them to settle on the mat for group time. The new children who have transitioned from Pikanini One are adjusting well to daily routines and transitions. Pikanini staff has worked tremendously throughout the months, and we are proud to have such a great team. Mr Marwick has also been a great support, by taking the children to the Atelier studio for an art experience.

The children are provided with lots of sensory play, such as exploring with Oobleck, painting, water play, and experimenting with colours. In Pikanini 2, we have come to appreciate the many benefits of children’s gardening. Their involvement encourages curiosity; it can be fun and a social environment that builds self-confidence. The children enjoyed getting involved; they put on gloves and got to remove leaves, spread the new soil, dig holes, and plant the plant, and enjoyed watering plants. Our goal was to focus on directing the children, listening to children’s voices, and giving them choices.

During the forum, we make a yarning circle together.  Educators encouraged all the children to hold hands as we sang ‘Make a Circle’ and sat down together. The children did very well at this, and everyone was keen to get involved! This was a great social activity for the children as they began cooperating when playing and developing social skills. We start by saying the acknowledgement and have a devotion. Then, the children choose a song. Singing familiar nursery rhymes helps the children identify sound patterns and learn through repetition, as observed in the past few months. Singing, “Bee Bee Bumble Bee, can you say your name for “me? “This game is repeated daily, so the children get much practice and can repeat their names.

Mrs Laqere

Pikanini 2 Curriculum Room Leader