On March 27th and 28th, our Kindy and Pre-Primary students enjoyed an exciting visit from “Butterflies, Minibeasts and More.” This interactive incursion provided our young learners with an unforgettable, hands-on experience with nature.

The students explored a butterfly enclosure, where they had the unique opportunity to observe and interact with these delicate creatures up close. Their curiosity was further intrigued as they held and touched a snake and a bobtail, learning about these fascinating reptiles firsthand. The highlight for many was witnessing the impressive frill-necked lizard in action as it caught a fly, sparking awe and excitement.

This event not only brought the wonder of wildlife into our classrooms but also fostered a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world and living things among our students. We are grateful to “Butterflies, Minibeasts and More” for providing such an engaging and educational experience.