On the 1st of March the year 7s had an opportunity to engage with Archaeology through a series of interactive activities. A key concept that students learn about in year 7 History is how evidence of the past can be found and what historians can learn from this information. Here are just a few words from some of the students:

arhci“Archaeologists taught us all about Archaeology and what its purpose is. We dug up broken pieces of china, rocks, beads, metal and shells. We also put together broken pieces of pottery and sieved sand to find the things called artefacts. It was a really fun day and all of us year 7s had a really good time.” (Gabriella W.)

“My favourite group was when we all had a tub each and we had to find pieces of items and draw it down on a piece of paper.” (Harry S.)

“I enjoyed this incursion it was fun!” (Andie J.)