Through Accelerated Reader, a software tool used to monitor reading progress, independent reading in Year 5A is significantly more purpose driven. With reading widely accepted as the key to unlocking noteworthy gains in academic progress, students now spend at least 20 minutes reading independently at school and at least 10 minutes independently reading at home each day. To maximise this essential practice, all reading takes place within personalised and appropriate readability levels. Students are able to choose their own books rather than have one assigned to them. When students have completed a reader, they take a short online quiz to confirm they have indeed read the book and that they have mastered an overall comprehension of the text. Students now read with considerably more focus and intent. In this regard, much appreciation goes to Mrs. Jenkin (our class’s Educational Assistant) for all her library assistance.

In the first week of Term 2, Year 5A started a Mathematics unit called Developing Fraction Concepts. In this unit, students will learn to extend their definition of a fraction, and they will begin to learn how to generate mixed numbers and improper fractions. We will also be learning to compare fractions and how to add and subtract fractions that share the same denominator. In support of our Maths programme, Year 5A have set themselves a target of reaching 1 000 000 Mathletics points before any other class in the school. Year 5A has made magnificent progress, having amassed to date almost 400 000 points. Not surprisingly, our class boasts seven of the school’s top ten Mathletics participants! However, several Year 4 classes are hot on our tails, so Year 5A are going to be hard pressed to keep their lead.

But it’s not the case of all work and no play. Balanced lives are happy lives and students in Year 5A get regular opportunity to laugh, move and explore. Underpinning this attitude is Jesus’ call on us to be the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). We cannot do this in our own strength, but instead ask God to help us to remember that others in this world are relying on us to be a light to them so that they may know Him too.

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