‘Ninja Maths’ has changed 4C. It is a tool that we use as a part of our maths program to help motivate and inspire learning of basic facts. The program covers multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition. The aim is to correctly answer as many fact questions as we can within 3 minutes. The score achieved is compared to the Ninja ranking poster and we then receive the corresponding ninja card.

Ninja MathsHere are some thoughts from students in 4C:

“Ninja maths is great because it’s helped me learn multiplication and division. I think Ninja maths is the best ever. We get to do it five times a week. I used to know a little bit of both, but now I know lots more. That’s why Ninja maths is good for me.”  – Rhiannon Parker

“Ninja maths is awesome because it makes maths fun because you have to try and beat your score. It is like a game, but with maths!” – Taitam Ellis

“Ninja maths is really good because it helps you learn multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. It does help you because at the start of this Term, I was in Jonin and now I’m in Suparim Masuta!” – Nathan Spiranovic

“Ninja maths is the most fun thing we do in maths because you can keep trying to get onto the next stage and you can never give up.” – Lowan Toalisa Westphal

“The new Ninja math game is lots of fun to play. It has cool cards like the legendary ninja and missin’ ninja.” – Jeremy Vasich