I trust many students and families enjoyed a wonderful and restful holiday.

The start of term, when students are refreshed from their holidays, is a great time to discuss educational goals and strategies. As a parent, it can be hard to know how best to assist your children to achieve their academic potential. The recent parent teacher interviews were no doubt beneficial for both parents and students to hear staff discuss student progress. Below are a few general suggestions how parents can support and encourage their children’s academic growth:

  • Provide a quiet place free of noise and distractions where your child can study and do his/her homework.
  • Show that you care by asking your child what topic(s) he/she is studying in a particular class.
  • Be positive and give praise when your child takes notes.
  • Be an audience for your child – listen as he/she recites or shares what he/she is reading.
  • Ask questions to help your child clarify or think more deeply about what he/she is reading.

Assistant Principal (Secondary)