Dear Parents,

On behalf of all staff, WELCOME to Term 3.

The story below demonstrates that our college’s intention of shaping rigorous minds and compassionate hearts is making a positive difference to the lives of our students, and the community in which they live. Mrs Annette Trimble is one of our staff, and she shared with me what she saw recently at our local shopping centre.

‘I saw something great at lunch today that is reflective of the College culture.

As I was walking over to the Waikiki supermarket, I noticed two of our SCBC students come out of the shops and go up to the two men who were working at the worksite. The two boys were wearing the SCBC leavers jackets and were looking neat. The boys approached the men and offered them a drink each, which they had bought for them – for no reason at all but to be kind.

The men were absolutely floored, and they praised the boys. They were so impressed. And one even said, the best thing about it was that it was ‘young people’ who had come to them to do this kind thing (the men were in their 40s/50s).

As I walked past our students I said ‘good on you, guys, that was really thoughtful’ and they smiled. The workmen then said to me as I was walking past: ‘Wow’ … they had never had someone do this for them before. I replied that I work at the College and I was proud of the boys – so I would have to tell the Principal. So here I am telling you.

‘It gave me great joy to see our students being Jesus to people who are just walked past by everyone else.’

I hope you are as encouraged. All of our students are ambassadors for their college.

Des Mitchell