We love our College families and would love to invite you to our Christmas Services at Rockingham Baptist Church in the hall on the SCBC Campus.

On Sunday 18th December we have a Children’s Christmas Play called Jesus Christmas Party. This is a family service where the kids are invited to join with their families, singing Christmas Carols, watching the kids perform in the play and to stay afterwards for some food and fellowship.

On Christmas Day we have a service from 9:30am to 10:30am where we will be celebrating Jesus birth and what he came to earth for, to bring us in to a loving personal relationship with Father God.

Each Sunday throughout the year we have our Church service that starts at 9:30am and goes through to around 10:50am. At the same time we have our RBC Kids program for children aged 6months through to Grade 6, with specific activities for each age group. They have lots of fun and learn about who God made them to be. The kids have a great time and we know they will want to come back.

Sam Fulwood, the Primary School Chaplain is the Children’s Pastor and runs this fantastic program for the kids. Matt Birch the Secondary School Chaplain is also a Pastor in our church. So your kids will straight away have a connection at church and feel comfortable.

We pray that your holiday and Christmas period is a safe one, that you have times of great joy with your family and that if you come across difficult times that the peace and love of God will encounter you and comfort you.

Blessings to you and your family.

Rockingham Baptist Church