Dear parents, students and friends,

It has been another wonderful year watching the students grow, develop and mature in their steps towards adulthood.  The Year 9 cohort of students are at the end of their Rite Journey Year and it has been a privilege partnering with them as they have completed challenges such as the Solo, learning to juggle and doing various random acts of kindness.

On Tuesday 29th November, the students had the opportunity to display their personal project that they have been working on for most of the year with their mentor or parents.  The personal project s designed to stretch or provide opportunities for the students to serve in the community.  Some of the projects the students did were amazing and was another way to see just how loving, creative and serving our students are.

The Personal Projects ranged from tutoring chess students, learning a new sport to creating a piece of artwork.  Two projects in particular stood out to me.  One student cooked chocolate brownies and sold them during recess and lunch times raising $100 which he donated to The Variety Club charity.    The other student spent time with an elderly man suffering from dementia capturing and writing down his life story.  She then made a tactile apron for him to keep his brain active for as long as possible.  These two projects exemplify the College mission of Rigorous Minds and Compassionate Hearts.

The incoming year 9 students had an opportunity to view the projects before The Journey information later that night.

Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.

Trevor Darch
Acting Assistant Principal

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