All Year 7-12 students and their parents should have received information regarding the usage of the web-based portals on SEQTA to access subject-related information whenever they want, and on any device. Individual student results and other subject-related information will only be visible to the parent and student through this unique username and password allocated by SEQTA to ensure confidentiality.

SEQTA is an online collaborative teaching and learning platform that allows parents to engage in the education of their children, and to support their academic progress. Through SEQTA Engage, you will be able to access your child’s timetable, the subject outlines and assessment outlines for all courses and you will be able to monitor academic results achieved in assessments and examinations. The Students can also access the site through SEQTA: Learn.

Please contact Secondaryadmin@scbc.wa.edu.au for password problems, access difficulties.