As a Secondary College, we continue to go from strength to strength in terms of the academic performance of our students. This was evidenced by the results achieved by our ATAR students in 2016, with our Year 12 cohort achieving a median ATAR of 82.55, well above the State average. Our top three students received Certificates of Excellence for achieving ATAR scores in the high nineties, with our Head Girl achieving an ATAR of 98.75.

Collectively, the performance of our Year 12 English ATAR students placed our College in the top 15 performing schools in the State for that subject. We also saw excellent performances across a range of ATAR subject areas. As we are a comparatively small school, our numbers precluded us from being ranked in the league tables published in the media. Had we met the student number threshold to be included in the rankings, however, our College would have placed comfortably within the Top 50 schools in the State.

In terms of post-school destinations we are looking forward to hearing from all our graduates as to their placement: two students have been accepted into the Broadway Medicine pathway at UWA, and entry has also been gained into Curtin and UWA for students studying Engineering and Occupational Therapy. Congratulations to all our graduating Year 12s.

Ms Cheryl Thomas Deputy Head
Curriculum (Secondary)