Ella Chandler – Year Seven Councillor

On Thursday the 9th of March the student councillors went out to Perth for a conference about leadership and being a good leader. I found this really helpful for me being the best student councillor I can be. I think that we all take something out of that excursion.

Tameeka Taylor – Year Ten Councillor

On Thursday, 9th of March the 2017 the student councillor team ventured out to the Perth Convention Centre to attend the GRIP Leader Conference. We were all very thankful to be able to attend as we learnt so much about leadership and how to be a good leader. We participated in a range of talks and activities like the compass of leadership, overcoming the challenges of leadership and turning an idea into action. During the conference, we were able to not only mingle with our leadership group, but also meet new leaders from many different school and be able to combine thoughts and ideas. It was a brilliant day filled with new knowledge that we will all be able to use throughout the year.

List of students:

Prefects – Graham Duxbury & Janikah Turner & Cassidy Horne

Councilors –

7A         Rohan Horne
7B         Rebekah Lewis
7C         Ella Chandler
8A         Tayla Beard
8B          Conan John
8C         Isabella Quintana
9B-        Ella Woods
10A       Seb Paris
10B       Tim Norris
10C     Tameeka Taylor