On Friday 24th March, 26 of our Year 4-6 students travelled to HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont to compete in the WACSSA Interschool Division 1 Swimming Carnival. The students who represented our College were chosen based on their performance at our very own SCBC in carnival in Week 6. Our students, which included several Year 3 students who performed well enough to swim in the Year 4 age group, performed exceptionally well throughout the 53 races on the day.

The students have been preparing throughout the term, training twice a week before school at the Aqua Jetty; they have shown tremendous dedication, and commitment.

For the first time in the school’s history, South Coast Baptist won the Division 1 Interschool Carnival. Our students started the day winning the first race, and then it continued throughout the day; with us holding our lead for the duration of the day. What also made the day so special, was the team spirit and encouragement that our students displayed throughout the entire day. A number of teachers and parents from other schools came over to compliment our students on how well they were cheering, and displaying such good sportsmanship.

Some notable individual efforts from the day that should be acknowledged:

Year 4 Girls – Champion Girl – Macy Johnson

Year 4 Boys – Champion Boy – Ashton Herd

Year 5 Boys – 3rd Place Champion Boy – Joseph Tyrrell

Year 6 Girls – 3rd Place Champion Girl – Faith White

Girls 100m Freestyle (Open Event) – 3rd Place – Faith White

Girls 50m Butterfly (Open Event) – 2nd Place – Charlotte Beard

While everyone swam so well on the day, and we had some excellent individual results, but also as a team. We won 5 of the relays at the end of the day; including the Grand School Relay; which is the fastest students from each year group, swimming together.

A wonderful day, and such a fantastic result for our College. Thank you to all the students, staff, parents and school community for all your help and support, in contributing to a fantastic day.