On Friday the 31st of March, I accompanied eight of our year six prefects to the Grip Leadership Conference which was held at the Gary Holland Centre in Rockingham. Our eight leaders included  At the conference the students had the chance to reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader and learnt some skills to help them put these into practice.

Responsibility was a big theme of the day. The students learnt that four of the key ways they can display responsibility is to role model their values, uphold the trust of others, respond to needs and develop their own strengths.

One of the sessions was about ‘out of the box’ thinking, where the students had the opportunity to think of one idea that was outside the box that they could implement back at school. They were encouraged to reflect on the needs that they see in their school and what they could do to help.

It was a fantastic day for our students, where they interacted with other students from many different schools in our area, sharing leadership ideas. Some of them even had a chance to get on stage and participate in games!

I look forward to seeing some of their big ideas being implemented back at school throughout the course of the year.