We have had a fantastic year so far in 2A! Our focus in HASS has been the olden days, and we absolutely loved the Shipwreck Museum excursion. Since then, our interest in olden day toys has taken us on an Inquiry project led by our Wondering Question, “How are toys made?” We have been looking at materials used in toys and where these materials come from. We have designed a futuristic toy and written a letter to the toy company explaining why our toy should be made.  In bible, we have been learning about courage and identity. We know that God created each of us uniquely and with a purpose. In Term 1 we enjoyed learning about living things, how we change, and what we need to lead healthy lives. We have grown and looked after our own plants, and we have even seen how a stick insect changes over a long period of time, by watching out class pet.

Our most memorable moment so far has been the Crazy Critter incursion, where we got to see wild animals and some of us even got to touch a real snake!  We are really looking forward to performing our class dance at the end of the term.