Preparations are reaching their final stages as our Year 12 Head Girl Shaylah Ryan-Sherriff is getting ready to travel to Singapore for IYPT (International Young Physicists’ Tournament) 2017. She is three weeks away from representing Australia together with her other teammates from Queensland.

Shaylah has been working on some fascinating questions in Physics. She investigated how water trapped between two sheets of glass made them difficult to pull apart. She also looked at how water drops made beautiful star shapes (Leidenfrost stars) when heated strongly. Another study analyzed the spiralling of water waves injected onto a rotating surface. We see Shaylah below working on her questions.

During the month of April, Shaylah went with her mentors from school Mr Gideon Choo and Mrs Felicity Barnabas to Brisbane where they trained with the national team at All Saint’s Anglican School Queensland. It was a time of deep Physics discussion and also fun and bonding with the team members and coaches. It has thus far been a challenging yet rewarding journey with the most unforgettable parts yet to come.

Shaylah at Brisbane during training: