A proposal was brought to the Executive Team by Shaylah Ryan-Sherriff, the Head Girl of the College, to allow female students to wear black pants in Terms 2 and 3 as an alternative to the winter skirt.  Shaylah’s proposal was accepted and a trial set up for female students in Years 11 and 12 for the remainder of this term and for Term Three.

The aim of introducing trousers as an option for wear as part of the female winter uniform the College:

  • Is providing female students with an alternative to wearing the winter skirt and tights whilst at school.
  • Allows female students to feel more comfortable in a contemporary mode of dress reflecting a semi-professional look.
  • Gives female students the opportunity to engage in physical activity at break times such as gym sessions and playing games on the oval if they desire to.

An evaluation process will take place at the end of the trial and a decision will be made later whether pants will be offered as an option to the winter skirt for all females in the Secondary School in 2018.

Shelagh Scott
Deputy Head Pastoral Care (Secondary)