Harisarman is an Indian folktale that follows the humorous story of Harisarman’s rise from rags to riches. He and his poor family decide to knock on the door of a rich man’s house, hoping that he might offer them a job. Sthuladatta, the rich man, is busy preparing for a wedding and has completely forgotten all about Harisarman and his family who have been given shelter for the night. Harisarman’s wife cannot rest- they must help Sthuladatta remember them or they’ll be poor and hungry forever! She comes up with a cunning plan to steal Sthuladatta’s best horse, and hide it somewhere. She persuades Harisarman to pretend to be a magician and use his ‘magical powers’ to help Sthuladatta locate his horse. Surely nothing could go wrong with such a satisfying scheme.

South Coast Baptist College is very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to both the students of our college and the wider community. The students are working very hard to develop their performance skills, creating great memories and friendships along the way!

Tickets are on sale now from harisarman.eventbrite.com.au

We really appreciate your support and encouragement with this new venture.