In Year 1B, we have been enjoying exploring Farms through Project Based Learning.  This project is planned as a yearlong project and over the terms, we explore different aspects of Farming in WA.  The students have worked in groups to investigate and explore different types of WA farming and, just recently, how the seasons affect the crops.

As part of our Mathematics program, we brainstormed different types of fruit farming in WA, narrowed our choices down and then voted on what type of fruit tree we would make and “grow” in our classroom.  We plotted the data on a graph to show the results.  Cherry tree was at the top of the list!  Our cherry tree started with a trunk and branches, then it grew leaves.  The class held a discussion on how the cherry’s get onto the tree and we had some very interesting opinions.  Children went home and over the weekend they did their own research and reported back.  This resulted in our cherry blossoms being made and growing on our tree.  Over the next few weeks, our cherry fruit will start to grow on our tree.

We are excited to present our project books with our findings on WA farming, as well as crafts that we have constructed, at the SCBC open day in September.  We look forward to sharing our “sheep shearing” and “cow milking” with the wider community!