I’m very happy to say that we won both the Junior and Senior divisions, as well as the ‘best speaker’ awards for both divisions!

Our success in the Junior division was a foregone conclusion, as two of our Junior teams faced off against each other in this round (Tim Norris, Daniel Rutherford, Mitch Pieri vs Manav Kumar, Racheal Kusangaya, Kate Wellburn). Manav Kumar won Best Junior Speaker.

Our Senior team (Jannah Teo, Jake Norris, Shaylah Ryan-Sheriff) won against Frederick Irwin, with Shaylah winning Best Senior Speaker.

Please congratulate all of the above students if you see them around campus. A huge thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement, particularly: Emily Chandler (for bookings etc); Catherine Lambert for driving to events and providing moral support to the competitors; the amazing Carly Phoebe for coming along, cheering on our teams and arranging curry; and thank you to all who came along on Thursday night to support our teams – Des, Felicity, Matt, Cheryl, Lara, Carly, Ant and anyone else I might have missed.