Cancer fight goes by the book as SCBC students write a book in one day.  

On Monday 21 August, 24 secondary students wrote a book in one day for children’s cancer research.

It’s all part of the annual national ‘Write a Book in a Day’ competition which is run by The Kids’ Cancer Project.

SCBC has entered three teams in the competition, two from middle school and one from senior school. Students were given a brief and then within 12 hours wrote, illustrated, bound and submitted a storybook of up to 5,000 words. Each book will be donated to children undergoing treatment in hospitals around Australia.

The Write a Book in a Day event stimulates creative minds while giving them the opportunity to help other young people. Students involved with the competition develop leadership skills and engage in collaborative teamwork and problem-solving. They also cover key English curriculum requirements.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity supporting childhood cancer research. Since 1993, thanks to strong community support the charity has contributed tens of millions of dollars to scientific studies to help children with many types of cancer.