We have started term 4 in full swing – so much fun and learning has begun. This term we are looking at what things are made of as part of a Science inquiry. We’ve started with an inquiry question “I wonder how we know what things are made of”? And the children were encouraged to respond with their thinking, wondering and questions. The students came up with some interesting ways of knowing what things are made of for example:

“I know what things are made of by looking because if it’s silver it is metal” – Hayley.

“If it’s a texta it is made out of ink and ink is made out of old people, in the olden days they use to use it and I think it is made out of water and leaves.” – Zoe

The team down in Kindy/Pre-primary have set our project area up as a loose parts space and the children have been able to use their senses to explore different materials and think about what they might be made of and how they can use them in their play. We have also done some experiments with different substances to see what happens when we mix them together.

We look forward to seeing how this inquiry extend the children’s thinking and learning.