During Week 9 of Term 3, 13 Year 9 and 10 students attended a three-day Try-a-Trade course in Carpentry and Joinery and Painting and Decorating at the Peel campus of South Metropolitan College.   On the first day of the course, the students were introduced to  safety issues in the workplace, and were taught the basic principles of carpentry.   In the afternoon the students applied their knowledge to building a noughts-and-crosses board.

On the second day, in the morning, the students constructed some wall frames for a small house.   In the afternoon, the students were introduced to the safety aspects of painting, followed by some practical work.

The third day was focused on more advanced painting skills, where the students learned the finer techniques of painting a wall.

The students appreciated the opportunity to have a try different aspects of the building and  construction industry and the concensus view was that it was a very worthwhile experience.