Primary Students in Years 5/6, along with our Year 4 choir students, presented Alice in Wonderland to a packed house this week. With costumes pressed and the hair and make-up team at the ready, pre-performance anticipation was building into something special. The students were a little nervous, but mostly excited to be able to bring the whole show to their family, friends and College community.

As the lights dimmed and the music started our Narrator captured the attention of the audience as she walked in to take her place so that she could help bring the story of Alice’s imagination to life. The show was colourful and vibrant with a bit of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure. Our audiences joined in song as ordered by the Queen of Hearts, and there were even a few guest staff appearances as our Executioner and Lobster! Audience members were dragged (quite willingly) onto the stage to join the Gryphon, Mock Turtle and Lobster for a little conga before the Trial began to find out who stole the Queen’s tarts. As the cast and choir chanted ‘Off with her Head’, Alice new she had a decision to make. As she shouted at them all, they swirled out of view, back to the pack of cards they all came from, only for us to find out that it had all been a big dream.

Our Year 4 students were divided into 2 choirs, each one supporting our cast for one of the night performances. They raised their voices in song with great gusto which added to the night’s entertainment.

A huge congratulations to all of the cast and choirs in the 2017 Primary School Production of Alice in Wonderland. You were Awesome!!! A big thank you also goes to all the staff members, family and friends who assisted with costumes, props, stage design, choreography, make-up and admin support, as well as working behind the scenes during the performances to ensure the evenings ran smoothly.